Graphic Novels  

Below are the concept art and comic previews of my two graphic novels. One story is about a stubborn, passionate girl named Litt. The other story is about a tired anxious fisherman named Jonah Almeida.  Currently, both of these stories are under development.  
The Legend of Litt
This character started out simple. I created Litt as an OC as for fandom purposes, but in the end,
she became a new character and new possible stories began to form from my drawings. 
So I decided to work on this story and see where it will take me. 
In her story, she wants to find a legendary creature that can find anything
a person's heart desires the most. Litt wants to use this creature but in doing so,
she might put her home and her family in danger. 
The Tale of Almeida 
When I saw the movie "Shape of Water" by Guillermo del Toro back in 2017, I was inspired.
I wanted to see if I can create my own aquatic type of story.
What came out is Jonah Almeida. A family man, who works hard for his family
by working as a fisherman. During a storm, Jonah gets thrown overboard. Jonah then gets attack by a merman named Enna, who kidnaps Jonah for a trial of Merfolks vs Humans.
A war may start and Jonah may be the only one who can stop it. 
Other Comic Book Work
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