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Commission Work

Commissions Prices

The legend of Litt-WIP.jpg
Black and White
No Colors
No backgrounds

20$ Waist Up

30$ Full Body


10$ Extra Characters

Litt-Epic pose2.jpg
Flat Colors
No Backgrounds
Shadows and Lights

30$ Waist Up

40$ Full Body


20$ Extra Characters

Litt-The ClimbBKG1.jpg



      & Compositions

Starting Price



20$ Extra Characters

I sell prints of my own artwork!
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Janet Figueroa's/JF-MADJesters1
Terms and Conditions

I accept OCs of all kinds (I will need references). 

and cartoons, comics, games, or movies are allowed. Slash Pairings are okay. 

I’m usually open to all subtle subjects, either way, talk with me first. 

I will not draw porn, NSFW, or Offensive/Hate work.

 Artist retains the rights to the original artwork, clients retain the rights to use the purchased art.

The Artist has the right to share and post artwork/commissions on social media as well as put them in their portfolio after the release/completion of the project.  If the client wishes to purchase the IP (Intellectual Property) which is the right to use the drawing to sell products without the artist's name attached to the artwork, the price of the commission will increase. 

 For children's books/Comic Books, I require a profit.

Message me if you wish to know my percentage. 

  Please note if there is any indication of the client canceling the commission/project while the artist is drawing, the artist has a cancellation fee of 50 USD. However, this does not apply when

the artist finished the drawing and turns in the file to you.

NO REFUNDS when the commission is done.

Artist has the right to stop drawing the commission if they can no longer draw due to schedule, health, and/or poor communication between artist and client. If the artist chooses to stop working on the commission, they will refund the money the client had paid.


Clients/studios do not have the right to resell/use the artist, Janet Figueroa's,

artwork/commission work for N-F-Ts. 

Clients/studios do not have the right to upload artist, Janet Figueroa's, artwork and

commission work to any form of AI (Artificial Intelligence)


If you have any other questions, send me a

message on any of my social Media Accounts or an email.




Social Media

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Have a lovely day!


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